Save Assignments

On December 31, 2016, the product will no longer be available for use. This includes users signing up for new accounts and logging into existing accounts. We highly recommend logging into your Engrade account and extracting all account data prior to December 31, 2016. Learn more.

This topic covers how to save assignments from your class. This includes the assignment settings and description, any discussions topics related to the assignment, students' turn-in submissions (if applicable), and student scores. 

  1. First, select a class from your Active Classes page.

  2. Select Assignments from the left sidebar.

  3. Select the name of the assignment you wish to save.

  4. You will first land upon the "Edit Assignment" page, which contains the assignment name, point value, due date, category, attached files and description. If students have received a grade on the assignment, their grades will be listed under the Student Scores section.

  5. You can either print this page using your web browser's Print function, or you can take a screenshot and save it to your computer. Depending on your operating system, the command for taking a screenshot may vary. See this site for additional assistance with taking screenshots for your OS.

  6. If any files are attached to the assignment, we recommend downloading them and saving them to your computer. If any file names are listed next to Attach Files, simply click on the name of a file to download it. We recommend saving the file in a place where it can be easily accessed in the future.

  7. Next, select the Discussions tab. Any discussions related to the assignment will be displayed on this page.

  8. You can take a screenshot of the related discussion posts, if desired.

  9. Finally, select the Turn-ins tab. If the selected assignment had turn-in submissions enabled, student submissions will be displayed in this pop-up window. We recommend taking a screenshot of the pop-up window in order to save student's grades and comments on the turn-in assignment. 

  10. Under the Turn-in column on the far left, each student's date and time of submission will be displayed. Select a date/time to the left of a student's name to download their turn-in file. We recommend doing this for every student in your class that submitted a turn-in.

  11. Repeat this process for all other assignments in your class.

  12. Next, repeat this process for all Active, Archived, and Trashed classes in all Grading Periods in your account.