Security Policy


Engrade is a SaaS (software as a service) hosted platform. It is built on a LAMPS-only (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and SSH only) configuration. We currently support over 1 billion grade records and look forward to keeping up service you can rely on.


Engrade is as committed to data security as you are. After eight years, we’ve maintained a flawless security record and are vigilant about keeping your data safe. Some of our security and safety measures include:

  • 256-bit HTTPS/SSL key encryption
  • Passwords are encrypted in database as a non-reversible, salted hash
  • No user data is stored on employee computers. In the event of a theft, no user data will be compromised.
  • Students are assigned an Access Code with a 13-bit security hash to prevent unpermitted access
  • RAID1 configuration with dual redundant hard drives
  • Daily backups to separate on-site server and encrypted backup to a remote server
  • Geo-redundant with multiple fail-safe measures
  • We prevent SPAM by only allowing confirmed connected users (i.e. student-teacher and teacher-school) to message each other by assigning the relationship a 128-bit token.