Duplicate Students

If you notice that your school has multiple versions of the same student, you can rectify this issue by consolidating those accounts into one student account.

  1. From your administrator dashboard, click Students on the left sidebar.

  2. Locate the student(s) who has/have duplicate accounts, and determine which ID number you would like the student to have.

  3. To the right of the duplicate student account (the account that has the incorrect ID number), hover over the gear icon and select Change ID from the drop-down menu. 

  4. Change the student’s ID number to match the ID number you decided the student should have. This will combine the two accounts into one student and one ID number.

  5. Repeat as necessary until all of your students have one account.

For example, imagine you have a student named Sally Sue who has three different versions of herself in your school account:

  • Sally Sue (ID: 3377)
  • Sally Sue (ID: 1234)
  • Sally Sue (ID: 0009).

First, ensure that each version of Sally Sue is in fact just a duplicate of the original Sally Sue and not another student. Determine which ID number you would like to be assigned as her single, unique ID number. In this case, we will choose 3377. Then, follow the steps listed above to change the ID numbers for Sally Sue (ID: 1234) and Sally Sue (ID: 0009) to “3377.” When you have finished, Sally Sue will have just one account with one ID number.

Before you start this process, verify that each student’s ID number is unique. Be sure to work carefully when changing ID numbers in order to avoid merging the accounts of two different students.

PLEASE NOTE: If you change a student's ID number to an ID number that already exists, this will merge those two students into one student. Merging a student is an irreversible process so be sure you are carefully selecting ID numbers when performing this process.