Update Student Information in Bulk

Student information can be updated via a CSV roster upload.

  1. To download a student upload template file, navigate to the Students page.

  2. Hover over Add Students and select on Upload Roster CSV from the drop-down menu. 

  3. On this page, click download a CSV template here to initiate a download of your correct template file.

  4. You must enter student information into the appropriate rows and columns without adding, deleting, or modifying any information in the column headings in the template. You do not have to fill in all cells; only the student ID number, first name and last name are required.

  5. On the Roster Upload page, click Browse to locate your saved CSV file.

  6. Click Upload CSV to upload your updated student information CSV.

  7. On the following page, you will see your CSV information loaded into a grid. Review your student’s information and ensure that everything is correct and located in the correct column (for example: make sure that all the first names are in the First Name column and all the last names are in the Last Name column, etc.).

  8. If you notice any errors, click No, Cancel, correct the errors on your CSV, re-save your file and upload your revised roster.

  9. If everything is correct, click Yes, Add Students. The information entered into the updated CSV file will update the information stored on Engrade to reflect your most updated data.

If you experience any problems uploading your roster, review our Troubleshoot School Roster File article.