Troubleshoot School Roster File

If you experience difficulty uploading your school's student roster file (Upload School Roster), the following steps will assist you with troubleshooting any potential issues that would prevent you from successfully uploading the file.

Mac Computers

  1. There are two types of CSVs that can be used to save files on Mac computers, so if you are using a Mac computer, you will need to save your CSV file in a slightly different format than you would on a Windows computer.

  2. Open the file in Excel, and select File and Save As. Under “Format,” select Windows Comma Separated (.csv) from the drop-down and save your file.


Roster File

  1. Confirm that you have used the correct template file with no columns added, edited, or removed. Any changes to the template downloaded from your Engrade account will prevent the roster file from uploading.

  2. Student IDFirst Name, and Last Name are required fields that most be completed for every student in the roster file. All other fields are optional.

  3. Special characters, such as commas, exclamation points, tildes or other accent marks may prevent the file from uploading.

    - Non-standard English characters are not currently supported.
    - Hyphens and apostrophes in student names and email addresses are not currently supported.
    - Capital letters in email addresses are not currently supported.

  4. The Gender column must contain either M or F. 

  5. The Date of Birth column must contain numerical values only (MM/DD/YYYY).

  6. Only American formatting for phone numbers and zip codes is supported. (Phone numbers must be only 10 numerical digits and zip codes must be only 5 numerical digits.)


Additional Tips

  1. If you have tried everything listed above and still cannot perform a successful roster file upload, check the following in your CSV file:

    - Remove 5-10 blank rows at the bottom of the file, beginning with the first blank row after the last row of data that you are trying to upload.
    - Remove any trailing spaces after email addresses.

  2. If you have tried and re-tried every troubleshooting tip, but the file is still not uploading, you might want to consider removing all data from the CSV upload, except for the Student ID, First Name, and Last Name columns. Additional information can be uploaded at a later date or added manually on each student’s “Info” tab.