Missing Classes

If one or more of your classes does not appear on the Active Classes page of your Engrade teacher account, the affected class may be located in one of your other accounts or in a different folder.


Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple Engrade teacher accounts, it is possible that you have created your classes in different accounts. To check if you have multiple Engrade accounts, enter your email address in the Lost Password form, and Engrade will send you one email for every account registered to that email address, including each account's username and a link to reset the password.


Archived of Trashed Folders

When you are certain that you are logged into the correct account, you may have inadvertently archived or trashed your classes.

  1. Select Classes on the top blue bar.

  2. Select Archived or Trashed on the left sidebar of the Active Classes page to access your archived or trashed classes.

  3. Click Activate to the right of the class's name. This will move the class back to the Active folder.

Please note: If you are connected to a school you cannot restore a class in the Trash folder back to the Active Classes list. You will need to contact your school’s administrator directly to have the class restored to your account.

If you are connected to a school and still cannot find your classes, please contact your school’s administrator.