Delete a Class

Teachers Not Connected to a School

At this time, teachers who are not connected to schools cannot permanently delete classes. However, they can move classes to the Trash folder. From your Active Classes list, click Trash to the right of the class you would like to remove.

If at any time you would like to view or restore your class to your Active Classes list, you can do so by clicking Trash on your left sidebar. On this page, you will see a list of your trashed classes. To restore a trashed class to your Active Classes list, click Activate to the right of the class’s name.


Teachers Connected to School

If you are a teacher who is connected to a school, follow the steps above for trashing a class. Then, contact your school’s administrator to have him/her permanently delete your class.

Please note: If you are connected to a school, you cannot restore a class in the Trash folder back to the Active Classes list. You will need to contact your school’s administrator directly to have the class restored to your account.