Change Language supports the following languages:

  •  American English
  •  Spanish
  •  Castilian Spanish
  •  Italian
  •  Portuguese 
  •  Brazilian Portuguese
  •  German
  •  Mandarin Chinese

In order to change the language in your account, you must log completely out of your Engrade account.

  1. The logout button will always be located in the top right hand corner, but it will display in whatever language you have your account set to.

  2. Once you are logged out, click the Login button.

  3. On the Login page, click on the flag icon in the top right.

  4. From the drop-down menu, you should see an assortment of flags. Click on the flag that designates the language you would like to change your Engrade account to.

  5. When the correct flag is selected, proceed to enter your login details to log back into your account.