Add Additional Classes to One Student Account

You can associate multiple classes with one Engrade student account. Your teacher(s) will need to provide you with your student access code(s) in order for you to create a student account on Engrade. Your access code(s) will look similar to teachername-xxxxx-yyyy. You may need one access code from each of your teachers using Engrade if your teachers are not connected to an Engrade school.

Please note: Only your teacher or school administrator can provide you with your access code.

To add new classes:

  1. Select Add/Edit on the left sidebar to view the access codes currently associated with your account.

  2. On the Add/Edit page, you should see your other class's access code(s) listed in the text box. If you do not see any access codes in your account or if you are receiving an error message stating that your access code is invalid, please contact your teacher or school administrator for your unique student access code.

  3. Enter the new access code supplied to you by your teacher or school administrator on a new row in the text box. For example, if you have three access codes in your account, the text box should look like this:


    Please note: Do not overwrite or remove any existing access codes unless you want to remove those classes from your account. If you remove an access code by mistake, you can enter the access code back into the text box to regain access to your class.

  4. Click the Submit button to add the new classes to your account.