How Students Submit Turn-ins

After you have enabled turn-ins for an assignment in your class, your students will be able to upload a file for the assignment in their student accounts.

  1. The student must first log into his/her Engrade student account.

  2. Select the name of the class in which s/he needs to submit a turn-in.

  3. Select Turn-ins on the left sidebar.

  4. Click Turn-in to the right of an assignment name.

  5. On the Turn-In Submission page, select an existing file from the drop-down menu or click Choose File to upload a new file.

  6. Click the Preview button to preview the file before submitting it.

  7. On the Confirm Submission page, students can review the submission before sending it to the teacher by selecting View Submission.

  8. When students are ready to turn-in the assignment, click the Submit Assignment button.