Copy Classes

Engrade allows teachers to easily manage multiple subjects by using Engrade's copy class feature to create one class for each subject. These steps also allow you to copy classes along with their settings, including grading scales.

Once you have created at least one class, you can copy the existing class by performing the following steps:

  1. Select Classes on the blue bar at the top of the page.

  2. On the Active Classes page, click the Copy link to the right of the class you would like to copy.

  3. On the Copy Class page, enter the new class information, including the class name, school year, grading period, grade level and subject area.

  4. Select what information (students, assignments, etc.) you want copied along with the class, including:

    - Copy Student Roster copies the students from the original class into the new class.
    - Copy Assignments and Lessons copies all assignments from the original class into the new class.
    - Hide All Assignments from Students hides all copied assignments from students in the new class.

  5. Click Submit to create the new class.