Students See Incorrect Grades

Student Sees Another Student's Grades

First, you will want to confirm that the student is logging into Engrade with the correct login credentials. You can provide the student with his/her correct login credentials by following the steps listed in the Students/Parents Lost Login Information article.

Once the student is logged into Engrade, you should confirm that the correct access code is connected to the student's account. Compare the access code listed on the Add/Edit page to the access code listed for the student on the printable flyers.

If the student is still seeing another student's grades after the student's username and access code have been verified, this is indicative of an issue with student ID numbers. Engrade recognizes students by their ID number, so it is necessary to ensure that each student is assigned a unique ID number. When two students share an ID number, Engrade can not differentiate between them. This includes ID numbers used in previous grading periods and school years.

To resolve, you will need to change the student's ID number to a unique ID number by following the steps listed in the Student ID Numbers article.


Grades Calculating Incorrectly

If a student reports that grades are calculating incorrectly, you will need to check the grade settings of your class to confirm that the correct grading scale, assignment categories, rounding settings, etc. are saved for the class.

If the settings are correct but the grades look incorrect, you will need to review the Grades Calculating Incorrectly article for further troubleshooting.