School administrators can create a default class Gradebook setting for all classes created at the school by designating a MASTER CLASS. This feature is especially useful for schools who use a common school-wide grading scale. Using this feature you can preset class:

  • Grading Scales
  • Assignment Categories and Weighting
  • Message and Discussion settings

As long as the MASTER CLASS exists in the account, all new classes created by teachers and administrators will be preset with the same settings as the master class.

  1. Create a class entitled “MASTER CLASS” (case sensitive).

  2. Within the MASTER CLASS, hover over the Options button and select Grading Settings.

  3. On the Grading Settings page, set the desired Grading Scale and/or Assignment Categories.

  4. Click the Submit button to save.

  5. To modify student communication preferences for the MASTER CLASS, such as messaging and discussions, select Settings in the left sidebar.

  6. On the Basic Settings page, select your desired default preferences.

  7. Click the Submit button to save.

Please note: To hide the MASTER CLASS from your list of active classes, you can move it to the Archive or Trash folders, and it will continue to affect all newly created classes.