Edit Student or Parent Account Information

As a school administrator, you can edit the information associated with a student's or parent's Engrade account.

  1. Select Students on the left sidebar.

  2. Hover over the gear icon to the far right of a student's name and click Accounts from the drop-down menu.

  3. In this window, you can view all of the accounts associated with the selected student and create new accounts for the student or student's parent. You can also see the account's usernames, types and last login date. Click on the student's or parent's name in the first (left) column.

  4. You can edit the selected student's or parent's account information, including:

    - Username: Enter the username that will be used to log into Engrade for this account.
    - Name: Enter the account owner’s name.
    - Email: Enter the email address of the account owner.
    - New Password: Enter the password that will be used to log into Engrade for this account.
    - Type: Select whether the account is for a student or a parent/guardian.

  5. When you have finished making changes, click the Edit Account button to save.