Manage the School Roster

If you need to add new students to your school roster throughout the year, you can do so either by uploading a CSV file or adding individual students to the roster.


Upload Student Roster

In order to add additional new students to your school roster in bulk, you will follow the same steps listed in the Upload New Student Roster article. When you download your school's CSV template, you will see all students currently enrolled in the selected grading period listed in the downloaded file.

You may remove these existing students or leave them on the file. Since Engrade recognizes students based on ID numbers, new students will only be created in Engrade if a new ID number is added to the CSV file.

Please note: Changing a student's ID number on the CSV file will not change it in Engrade. The new ID number will be added as a completely different student and the original student's ID number will be changed. If you want to change a student's ID number, please see the help article on Student ID Numbers.


Add an Additional Student

Instead of uploading students in bulk, if your school has a small number of students or if you only need to add a few students to the roster, you may choose to add those student's to the school roster individually.

  1. Select Students on the left sidebar.

  2. Hover over the Add Students button and select Add Student from the drop-down menu.

  3. In the pop-up window, enter the student's unique ID number, first name and last name.

  4. Click the Add Student button to add the student to the school roster.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each student you would like to add to the school roster.