View and Grade Turned-in Assignments

Once a student has uploaded a file to a turn-in enabled assignment, you can view his/her submission.

  1. Select Classes on the top blue bar.

  2. Click on the name of the class for which you would like to view turn-ins.

  3. Select Turn-ins on the left sidebar.

  4. On the Turn-ins page, you will be able to see how many students in your class have turned in the assignment's with turn-ins enabled under the "Turn-Ins" column. Click on the name of the assignment to access student submitted files.

  5. In the pop-up window, you can view your students’ names, assignment scores, comments and the option to view/download or delete each turned-in file. Click on the name of the uploaded file to the right of a student's name to view/download the file.

  6. Once you have reviewed your students' submissions, you can assign the students’ numerical scores by directly clicking in the boxes in the "Score" column. These scores will automatically populate in the Gradebook for the selected assignment.

  7. You may also add assignment comments by directly clicking in the boxes under the "Comment" column.

Please note: If your turn-ins do not appear to be working correctly, ensure you do not have any special characters (such as apostrophes, exclamation marks, etc.) in the titles of your turn-in enabled assignments, as these symbols can prevent turn-ins from functioning properly.