Create Assignments

Creating assignments in the Gradebook is how you enter student grades into Engrade.

  1. Select Classes on the top blue bar.

  2. Click on the name of the class for which you would like to create an assignment.

  3. Click the New Assignment button at the top of the Gradebook.

  4. On the New Assignment page, enter the basic information for your assignment, including:

    - Assignment Name: Enter the name that will show up in your Gradebook, on printed reports and in student/parent accounts for this assignment.
    - Points Possible: Enter the total amount of points a student could earn on the assignment.
    - Due Date: Enter the date that the assignment is due.
    - Category: Select the assignment category in which the new assignment belongs.

  5. Select More Options to reveal some more advanced assignment settings, including:

    - Description: If you would like to describe your assignment for students and parents to see online or if you need to add additional instructions for your assignment, you can add that information here.
    - Attach: If you need to attach a file to your new assignment, you can attach existing files in your Engrade account or upload new files here.
    - Copy to Classes: If you would like to copy this assignment to multiple classes, you can select the desired classes from the drop-down menu. Once selected, they will appear below the drop-down menu with checked check boxes. Upon submission of your new assignment, the assignment will be created in all the classes that you selected.

  6. Check or uncheck the additional settings at the bottom of the page:

    - Allow students to see this assignment allows students to view this assignment from their student accounts.
    - Add this assignment to class Calendar places the assignment on the class calendar.
    - Add this assignment to class Discussions allows students and parents to post discussion topics to a discussion board for this assignment.
    - Add this assignment to class Turn-ins allows students to turn-in assignments online from their Engrade student accounts.

  7. If you have already graded the students’ performance on the assignment, you can add the students’ scores to the right of each students' name under the "Student Scores" heading. Enter each student’s score out of the total possible points on the assignment in the box to the right of his/her name. For example, if the assignment is worth 10 points and a student received an 85% on the assignment, you will want to enter “8.5” in the score box for that student.

    Additionally, if every student earned the same grade on the assignment, you can click the Copy to All link in the top right to copy the first student’s score to every student in the class.

  8. When you have finished configuring the assignment’s settings, click the Submit button to create the assignment. You will now see your assignment listed in your Gradebook and on the Assignments page.

Please note: Only 100 assignments can be created per class Gradebook per grading period. If you need additional assignments, you will need to create an additional class.