Create Extra Credit Assignment

Create Extra Credit Assignments

To create an extra credit assignment, create a regular assignment, but enter EC into the points possible box. When a student is assigned X points for the extra credit assignment, that student will receive X extra points in the class (or in the given category if the teacher is using weighted assignment categories). Any student who did not receive points for the assignment will not be penalized.

As a note, teachers should not create weighted assignment categories for extra credit assignments. If all assignments in a weighted category are extra credit (out of EC), then student grades will be skewed. This is also true for weighted assignment categories that are not exclusively dedicated to extra credit assignments, but currently only extra credit assignments entered into the category. Once a graded assignment is added to a weighted assignment category, the extra credit values will re-calculate appropriately.


Assign Extra Credit Percentages

To add a specific percentage value to a student's grade, you will need to calculate what point value (for each student) constitutes the percentage value you would like to add to the student's grade. For example, imagine that the total possible points in a class (which does not use weighted categories) is 100. Student 1 has a class average of 88%, and Student 2 has a class average of 65%

  1. Determine what percentage you want to increase each student's grade: 90% - 88% = 2% and 70% - 65% = 5%
  2. Multiply the number of points possible in the class by the percentage you want to increase a student's grade: (100 * 2%) = 2 points and (100 * 5%) = 5 points
  3. Add the appropriate points into the extra credit assignment for each student: 2 and 5

Depending on the points each student has earned in your class and the extra credit percentage you want to give each student, the number of extra credit points will vary across students. If weighted categories are used in the class, you will need to take the category weights into consideration for the category into which the extra credit assignment is added when determining how many points to assign to each student for the extra credit assignment.