Drop Lowest Score

Teachers have the option of dropping the lowest score (DLS) for students per assignment category (weighted or unweighted). If selected for a category, Engrade will automatically drop the assignment that most negatively impacts the student’s overall grade. Since Engrade calculates grades based on points, the assignment with the largest discrepancy between points earned vs. points possible will be dropped.

For example, imagine a student in your class has earned the following grades in a single assignment category:

  • Assignment #1: 0/10     | 0%
  • Assignment #2: 5/25     | 20%
  • Assignment #3: 60/100 | 60%

In this scenario, if DLS has been selected, the 60/100 score will be dropped because the discrepancy between points earned vs. points possible is the highest. In order to avoid such large point discrepancies, we recommend creating assignments with similar points possible within each assignment category.

  • Assignment #1: 0/10     | -10 points
  • Assignment #2: 5/25     | -20 points
  • Assignment #3: 60/100 | -40 points

The DLS feature does not simply drop the lowest percentage score on an assignment for students, and this is where most clients get confused. Engrade drops the assignment that most negatively impacts the student’s overall grade, which is the assignment with the largest discrepancy between points earned vs. points possible. As you saw in the example above, that is not always the assignment with the lowest percentage score.

You can see which assignments have been dropped from a student’s grade by clicking on his/her name in the Gradebook. Dropped assignments will appear with an asterisk (*) next to them. If you would like to change the assignment categories  from which students’ lowest scores are being dropped, select Settings from the left sidebar, and select the Grade Settings tab. Under the Assignment Categories heading to the right of a category name, check or uncheck the Drop Lowest Scores box. Click the Save Settings button to save your changes.