Did Not Receive Reset Password Email

There are a few reasons why you may not be receiving a reset password email.

  • Did you enter the correct Engrade username or email address in the lost password form? 
    If you enter an invalid Engrade username or an email address that is not attached to an Engrade account, you will not receive a lost password email.

  • Do you have the correct email address attached to your Engrade account?
    If you have no email address or an inaccurate/old email address linked to your Engrade account, you may not receive the lost password email.

  • Have you checked your Spam or Junk mail folders?
    Sometimes our emails are sent to these folders by mistake. To avoid this, make sure to allow emails from lost@engrade.com in order to receive the lost password email.

  • Does your email domain's administrator have emails from Engrade blacklisted?
    If you use a custom email domain (e.g., an email domain that is not yahoo, gmail, etc.), the domain's administrator may have enabled certain settings that prevent our emails from reaching you. You may need to contact your email domain's administrator to allow email from @engrade.com addresses.